childbirth education (engl) Intense 17-18 oct 2020

mit Doula Kaity Fox

Informationen zum Event

Autumn weekend intense for childbirth education are filled with informative, evidence based research, hands on relaxation techniques
and lots of real talk to support you to be during this beautiful, but also at times overwhelming, transition.

We meet in a small group of people to stay in an intime circle with enough space (Corona conform).

Step into the unknown with a lot more confidence. Make clear, informed decisions and create a space where birth and the postpartum time becomes something to look forward to.


The stages of labor and birth – including the physiology of physical and hormonal responses

Understanding the role of breath and relaxation

Labor-support and pain relieving techniques, positions and massages

Articulating birth preferences (“birth plans”)

Understanding medical practices, navigating interventions (including c-section), and how to be able to make choices

Pain medication options

Managing the unexpected

Honest discussion about what to expect during the postpartum period


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Beginn: 17. Oktober 2020, 12:00
Ende: 18. Oktober 2020, 12:00


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